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Lemon. How the advertising brain turned sour.

A handbook for fixing the crisis in advertising creativity.

How did advertising lose its ability to persuade and make us feel? And how can we get it back?

This ground-breaking book by Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer from System1 Group, shows how the dominance of abstract thinking styles is working against producing great creative campaigns.

With unique insights from neuroscience, cultural history and advertising research, 'Lemon.' will challenge the way you think about advertising. It could change the way you think, full stop.

Copies of the full report are available from www.ipa.co.uk priced at £25 + P&P for IPA members, £50+P&P for non-members.

You can also buy it at the non-member price from Amazon.

The Board Brand Rift

New research we undertook with the FT reveals that over half of business leaders rate their knowledge of brand-building as average to very poor.

And less than a third of companies use brand health metrics, reporting on measures such as salience, distinctiveness and favourability, at boardroom level.

Many of these people are responsible for balancing marketing budgets between long-term and short-term investments, so this could be bad news for brand-building.

The report makes clear recommendations and provides guidance on how to create an organisational environment in which the very real commercial benefits of investing in the long-term health of brands can be realised.

The Crisis in Creative Effectiveness

Peter Field's investigation into the IPA's Effectiveness Databank reveals that the effectiveness of creatively awarded campaigns has fallen to such an extent that they no-longer outperform campaigns that did not win creative awards.

The report covers almost 600 case studies from 1996 to 2018 and argues that a shift in focus towards more short-term and activation-led campaigns is leading to the collapse in creative effectiveness.

It outlines how this slump can be reversed by learning the lessons from creative best practice, and by developing new ways of identifying and rewarding creativity.

Marketing Effectiveness in the Digital Era

Required reading for any marketer who wants to understand how to balance brand building and activation activities across different media, categories and brands for the best results

Les Binet, Head of Effectiveness at adamandeveDDB and Peter Field, Marketing Consultant having been working together for ten years to interrogate the IPA’s Databank - over 1,300 case studies from the IPA Eff Awards.

‘Marketing effectiveness in the digital era’ is a mammoth undertaking in four chapters to forensically examine previous campaigns to extract the most effective balance of brand building and activation activities.


Essential reading for anyone with a role to play embedding marketing effectiveness at their organisation.

Knowing the rules of marketing effectiveness is all very well, but how do you achieve it? You need a business-wide culture that promotes it. This research undertook to find out what that means in practice. In 2018 we built in the inital report with a quantitative study, and a report diving deeper into the relationship between marketing and finance.

Measurement Strategy in the digital era

The what, how and why of measurement is an essential component of marketing effectiveness. Organisations that get it right, get their marketing right.

What should we be measuring, what’s the best way to do it, and most importantly what are we supposed to do with all that data when we’ve got it? How do we turn it into action?

The White Paper ‘Measurement strategy in the digital era', was presented at EffWeek 2018.


“Just what the industry needs, great collaboration between clients and agencies on the topics that drive business growth.”

Bridget Angear, Joint Chief Strategy Officer at AMV BBDO

“It’s great to see the IPA in the UK bring the whole industry and particularly the trade bodies together to focus on effectiveness. This new Marketing Effectiveness initiative will enable people across the industry to work together to build on best practice.”

David Wheldon, Chief Marketing Officer, RBS

“Effectiveness is a team sport, so it was great to see the industry in the widest sense, come together. In an increasingly diverse and fragmented world, only by using all parts of the brain will we solve effectiveness challenges and design our campaigns to deliver short and long term value. That’s why what happens next is important – if the IPA can help facilitate progress on this with a long-term initiative around Marketing Effectiveness, we’ll definitely crack it.”

Bart Michels, Global CEO Kantar Added Value and Country Leader Kantar UK

“The time spent at #EffWeek was extraordinarily effective. It was great to hear the diverse views from all areas of the industry. All tied together with the common themes of accountability and effectiveness.”

Andrew Canter, Global CEO, BCMA

“It has been a privilege to be part of the inaugural Effectiveness Week. The agenda is one which we at O2 UK feel passionately about. To see and hear perspectives across the industry demonstrates how the breadth of marketing effectiveness is increasingly being valued within businesses. Data, insight, social, customer experience, test and learn, ROI, these are all fundamentals and were covered expansively at the event”.

Sandra Fazackerley, Marketing & Consumer, Telefónica UK Limited

“The full week of effectiveness events brought into clear focus the need for marketers to use data and insight to achieve the key business objectives of growth and profits. Marketers today are in a better position to quantify their knowledge of customers and measure the ability of investments in marketing to increase brand and shareholder value.”

Chris Combemale, Group CEO, DMA