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We’ve gathered together a number of courses that will help you to go beyond google analytics and get better at measurement.

Measuring your marketing output has never been more important. But it is a complicated business. There is an ever expanding list of metrics to stay on top of and an even bigger array of tools to use. Luckily there are some great courses out there for marketers of all stripes. We’ve gathered a few of them here in a useful list. Look out for our next article which will be a list of tools provided by marketing organisations to help you crack measurement without leaving your desk.

Browse the list of measurement training or click on the one below that you want to go straight to:

IPA EffTest
MRS – Effective Advertising Evaluation
DMA and IDM – Postgraduate diplomas
ISBA – How to work with your media agency and ensure the best ROI from your budget
IPM – Measuring the effectiveness of experiential campaigns
PRCA – KPI’s: How to measure performance


IPA – EffTest


agency | client side | all sectors
mid-level planners | account directors | brand managers

The Eff Test, run by the IPA with input from the IAB, is a challenging qualification. It develops mid-level marketers, both client and agency-side, with the skills and tools necessary to fully evaluate and hone effective campaigns. There is an emphasis on a forensic, critical approach, to the evaluation of campaigns. Participants learn how to design a measurement programme to fully evaluate their communications strategy upfront.

Quote - The EffTest rationalised and formalised the theory of effectiveness into a series of road to Damascus moments of enlightenment for me

MRS – Effective Advertising Evaluation


agency | client-side | all sectors
advertising managers | client-side researchers | planners from media & creative agencies | advertising researchers at  research agencies

This course provides an introduction to advertising effectiveness research. With speakers from a broad range of backgrounds it gives delegates a firm foundation on which to build. By the end of it you’ll be familiar with effectiveness trackers, their methodologies, measures, outputs and pitfalls. You’ll have experience writing a model for an ad and will have gained lots of tips on how to do great ad effectiveness research.

You could complement this measurement training course with MRS’ more detailed session on Econometric modelling and ROI. Peter Field and Les Binet’s recent research demonstrates how dangerous it is to focus overly on ROI, their report Media in Focus will help you to see how to use it in context.

DMA and IDM – Postgraduate diplomas


client side | all sectors
marketing professionals whose role is to determine, apply and resource marketing strategy

If  direct and digital is your thing and you want the clout of a serious https://www.aspirinworks.com/lasix-water-pill/ qualification behind you, the DMA’s postgraduate diplomas might be for you. Equivalent to a Masters qualification they are no mean undertaking, but are internationally recognised. Delivered by the IDM, the diploma covers measurement training and effectiveness extensively. It can be taken intensively over three sets of three day courses and part-time or online across 12 weeks.

And yes, this is a professional qualification so you have to do an exam at the end. One for the committed, but worth it.

graduates throwing their cap in the air


ISBA – How to work with your media agency and ensure the best ROI from your budget


client side | all sectors
marketing managers | brand managers

In our multi-channel, always on world monitoring what the hell is going on with all your media channels can be a nightmare and depends greatly on your media agency. This course teaches marketers how to work with their media agency to measure the performance of media, so they can ensure they are getting the full value of their media investment. Taught over a day in small groups with plenty of opportunity for interaction.

IPM – Measuring the Effectiveness of Experiential Campaigns


client side | agency side | all sectors
anyone managing experiential campaigns

As the popularity of experiential has increased, so has the pressure to demonstrate its value. Frequently campaigns are measured in terms of ‘what happened on the day’ – how many people were sampled, how many leaflets were taken, how many people took part in an activity. But those measures are just outputs. You really need to be measuring the value added to the brand. The IPM’s course covers all the fundamentals from baking-in measurement to the planning process to analysing the change in consumer behaviour. It’s just half a day of your time and a great step towards learning how to ‘measure the unmeasurable’.

Crowd of people throwing juggling colourful balls and batons into the air

PRCA – KPI’s: How to measure performance in PR and communications


agency side | PR
business managers, account managers, business owners and executives

A course to help those in PR measure the performance of their whole business to demonstrate ROI to clients and shareholders. This advanced course is taught over one day to a small group of delegates. It will get you to grips with creating a grounded performance framework based on the four core elements of your business. You’ll be able to demonstrate a full understanding of your business and provide assurance to your internal and external stakeholders.

Look out for our next article which will be a list of tools provided by marketing organisations to help you crack measurement without leaving your desk.

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“Just what the industry needs, great collaboration between clients and agencies on the topics that drive business growth.”

Bridget Angear, Joint Chief Strategy Officer at AMV BBDO

“It’s great to see the IPA in the UK bring the whole industry and particularly the trade bodies together to focus on effectiveness. This new Marketing Effectiveness initiative will enable people across the industry to work together to build on best practice.”

David Wheldon, Chief Marketing Officer, RBS

“Effectiveness is a team sport, so it was great to see the industry in the widest sense, come together. In an increasingly diverse and fragmented world, only by using all parts of the brain will we solve effectiveness challenges and design our campaigns to deliver short and long term value. That’s why what happens next is important – if the IPA can help facilitate progress on this with a long-term initiative around Marketing Effectiveness, we’ll definitely crack it.”

Bart Michels, Global CEO Kantar Added Value and Country Leader Kantar UK

“The time spent at #EffWeek was extraordinarily effective. It was great to hear the diverse views from all areas of the industry. All tied together with the common themes of accountability and effectiveness.”

Andrew Canter, Global CEO, BCMA

“It has been a privilege to be part of the inaugural Effectiveness Week. The agenda is one which we at O2 UK feel passionately about. To see and hear perspectives across the industry demonstrates how the breadth of marketing effectiveness is increasingly being valued within businesses. Data, insight, social, customer experience, test and learn, ROI, these are all fundamentals and were covered expansively at the event”.

Sandra Fazackerley, Marketing & Consumer, Telefónica UK Limited

“The full week of effectiveness events brought into clear focus the need for marketers to use data and insight to achieve the key business objectives of growth and profits. Marketers today are in a better position to quantify their knowledge of customers and measure the ability of investments in marketing to increase brand and shareholder value.”

Chris Combemale, Group CEO, DMA